About Papelu Studio

Nestled in Delta, British Columbia, Papelu is more than just a creative studio; it's a haven for those who adore hand-crafted stationery goods. Born from a deep-seated love and admiration for paper and sentimental writing, Papelu strives to nurture personal connections through the tactile pleasure of exquisitely designed paper products, rekindling the lost art of written sentiments.

Inspired by the beauty of life’s celebrations both big and small, Papelu is devoted to crafting one-of-a-kind, playful, meaningful, high-quality products that encapsulate life's most remarkable milestones.

At Papelu Studio, every day is worth celebrating. The products are designed to help you cherish life's moments, from the big celebrations to the small joys that make life worth living.

Meet Mitzi - the designer behind Papelu Studio

Meet the Artist

I'm Mitzi, the creative force behind Papelu Studio – your go-to stationery hub for exquisite wedding invites, heartfelt greeting cards, and elegant calligraphy.

From a young age delving into a world of doodles, DIY cards, paintbrushes, and woodworking projects, creativity runs deep within me. The year 2017 seemed like destiny when I first dipped my nib in ink, launching an adventurous journey in self-taught calligraphy; initially imperfect, my relentless determination and a dream of crafting my own wedding invitations led me to sharpen my artistry. Today, I take immense joy in sharing this art form with others while crafting playful and meaningful greeting cards specifically for you.


n. / all things paper; "Papel" means paper in Filipino.