The Semi-Custom Collection

Versatile and personalized without the custom price tag


What is a semi-custom invitation?

A semi-custom invitation is a pre-designed wedding invitation that can be customized with your own wording information, colour scheme, font style, and paper choice, hence the word "semi". It is an affordable way to get professionally designed wedding invitations, yet tailored to your own unique style. Our semi-custom invitations are designed in a way that it can be modified to fit your wedding aesthetics. You may also add your own unique touch by combining your invitations with embellishments such as wax seals, ribbons, calligraphy addressing, and more.

The Semi-Custom Guide

We strongly suggest that couples review our semi-custom guide before placing your order. This guide will help you understand the process, timelines, and customization options (paper stock, colours, calligraphy style etc.)

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The Lunette Collection
hand drawn crescent-shaped botanicals | vintage & elegant 


The Paris Collection
layered cascading style | minimalistic & modern


The Elise Collection
hand drawn botanicals | modern & simple


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